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NEW Life Africa International - KIDS KENYA

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 02, 2008 7:14 am

Today we was in the church and listen to a cuple,who have take a tuff dission.

This 2 people live a "good" life in Dennark for few years ago (1996).Good job and good salery.
They have 3 kids,and everything what a Normally family in Denmark have.. house,car,money,safety "doctors" ,school,money if you be seek....

Today they visite our church in Jyderup -Denmark -cause they want to tell us about the missionary job In Kenya/Africa.
Of course one of the reason was to "ask" for money,for kids in Africa,but also to spread the word of God.

But when they start up and tell,I feel... and I think all other in the church felt the same, a real strong message.

How love from God was the most important,how God work and help.How this people have start up and struggling,and now today they have start and harvest. Harvest LOVE! Kids in Africa who was worry about them when they was in Denmark,Kids who pray for them when they travelling around.This kids pray to God,and send sms to this people when they was in Denmark?

This people have seed "Jesus" in many 100 kids who are now growing,and need only more "water and light"
How this kids ,who coming from the street, from family who parents have dead- yes,you know all this.You have see it on Tv,read it on internet,newspaper,all over we hear about this poort "street kids" no home,no family.

But when people tell it with theyr own words,face to face,picrture - its much stronger.

It was really realy strong message,today,to see how this 2 people have build up a organisation who help maybe over 500 kids.. but it dont stop there.Cause this people have seed "JESUS" into this Kids,and they will soon growing up and,help others.

If we help only one of this "rose" to grove,give them love -let them trust God. What can we harvest in the future? Think!?

Take a look Brother and Sisters.
Wat is sin ? Be a hocker ? Selling sex? Be ripe?Drink? smoke? steeling? or we DONT help them do get a better life?
This women live on The Junk yard,and need to search for food,selling sex..
I will say like some on tv: "shitt man" get a life...!
How can me and you help...Maybe we dont have a lot of money,or did we have ? but we will not share?

Start on The Junk yard:

This is the RIGHT "front" of this website... and you can continue to read about, Susanne and Leif.. but before you find a new website TODAY,find out how you can help this kids.Cause in this website there are oportunities.. a lot!

you can sitting home and help them.
For few dollar you can "seed" a "rose" who will growing,this rose need only litle bit "water and ligth" Your love...

One day you can harvest a beauthifull "Rose" who have growing in Jesus name,and it will be real strong!

Believe me,it will be the best harvest you can wish in the future!

"This 2 people live a "good" life in Dennark for few years ago"
I am sure they have a better life today!
And God have prove again,he find people he can use,for a big job like this!

God bless this Kids and NLAI future!


Did this 2 person get the inspiration from,butterfly?
Take a look at the site "logo" a butterfly:Despite their small size, butterflies and moths are some of the World's most wondrous animals. Their beauty, seemingly miraculous metamorphosis, and apparently carefree flight all spark our imaginations.

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