Slave - Dove Peace sign ?

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Slave - Dove Peace sign ? Empty Slave - Dove Peace sign ?

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 05, 2008 12:31 am

Between 12-15 billion 12.000.000 - 15.000.000 slave was sold from Africa.

People was stolen in Africa....
2.5 month aboard a ship.. 2 and 2 people was.lenk togheter..2.5 month..
20 % died!
Sold to country like India, for gold and silver

We know a lot of this today,and we wonder how can God accept all this..
Mybe Jesus help a lot of this people.. today,have this people forgiven?
I am sure,many of this people have recieve Jesus and forgive - how else can we have peace?

And the most "missue picture"
When this "business people" sign letter and contract they use a "sail"( this one you press on this glue when you "sile" a letter)
With "Peace Dove" on.... this is stong.. how,how mixed and fake!

This stamp are real and you can see it today.. so we have the prove!

Peace dove come from: matt 3:16

How fake can people be? or have they s
Did you know more about this?

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