ALLAH- If it don't match then Jesus is not God

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ALLAH- If it don't match then Jesus is not God

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 05, 2008 2:02 am

Many time have we discuss,are Allah God and are This God the same God we christian talk about.Up to now,have I only heard that.We believe in same God.I am born again( recieve Jesus),and I have got a strong message,where I shall talk about this.I dont know exactley,but every day.. every day last time I get more and more prove,and when I open the bilbe,or talk with people.. its like the same.
But you can not force God to answer you,you need to be patience and get the answer when God feel its the right time to answer you.

Today I open a place on internet where I have read and listen,about Muslim discuss :Islam and Comparitive religion
( Comparative advantage was first described by; )

And I copy this :
hi why is it say we must follow muhammed because he was the last and right prophet but i read that muhammed married a lot of wifes and at age 42 are so married a little girl he killed if you had child out of marrige why is this so when in the olden days of jesus when they wanted to stone the lady to death jesus say 'HAVE YOU NOT SIN WHY THAT HAVE NOT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE" and they walked away because they knew they have sin
nasir i never say jesus is GOD

Nasir - you,wrote:
"God means in Arabic Allah"
If it match then i believe Jesus is God
"If it don't match then Jesus is not God"
God means in Arabic Allah
Please my can me and you fight?
What is the different between Muslim and Christian..
You say Allah is God I have heard this many time and i also believe that..
But Jesus say you dont come to him with out believe "in him" people translate,and explane..
If you open the bible,and read this...
Read in the bible:1 Timothy 3-11
And matt 13:14-17
Joh 14:6
If you read maybe you understand this:
"Jesus" is not God, Jesus is the way to God.Many people dont understand it like this.Think if we can just believe that Jesus have lived,and have walk on the ground,and we can come to God.

NO.. many people have get prove,and we can "prove" Jesus( immanuel) have lived.And many people who never have recieve Jesus, are sure this man was real,but they never come to God.

But my brother..Jesus is just pronounse in english, its from Hebrew and mean salvation.

All christian people know Jesus,and we just say Jesus.But we know him,and what its mean.

So ..if you dont believe in "salvation"( Jesus) how can you come to God?
Salvation is like:
Stop and make sin,delite old sin,start up a new life how can you come to God? Its so simple..

We are all God kids,and If we fellow "Jesus" we come to him.

God bless you


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