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Post by Admin on Fri Mar 07, 2008 1:50 am

Danish people have build up a good democraty."Freedom"
We have pressfreedom,we cand talk about what we want .. only "one roule": dont abuse,and respect people.
Some times people go to far,and they need to punish or/and acept "I am sorry" and forgive.

Can all relgion give same oportunities?
Can all relgion be united to one in the future,if we just use democraty and no forcing?
Can "Jesus" be the svior?

We know this is world wide question,but easyer to think tis from a coutry I live in.

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Post by Angelgirl on Thu Mar 27, 2008 12:36 pm

The thing is my brother, we will never be united as nice as that would be because too many people are deceived by doctrine of man and believe it is of God. That is the mistake most people make when they try to jump on their own and not ask the Lord for guidance. The convictions I have now are not what I started with. I used to "live and let live", not speak up about things that I knew were wrong, in fact, I some things I didn`t even care about. But as I continued my Christian walk and asked the Lord to reveal to me the things He wants me to know and convict me if my thoughts and feelings were wrong, He did. Now, it is written on my heart by God...not that of man because I don`t trust man...I trust God.

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