BIG MAMA..yes she is "big" real big..

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BIG MAMA..yes she is "big" real big..

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 14, 2008 8:33 am

When I read about people like this.. I feel some tears coming..where did this people get power from?
Big mama pray to God and she get help.. and help a lot of people and kids!

Big mama is "big" real big,she have Jesus inside!
"2 orkan katrina and wilma destroy for many family all" team of life.. read more.

A lady who gave all,she make food like "jesus" help many 1000 people..

Big Mama and the Team of Life ask for your support to help make this Easter special for all children. Please bring us Easter baskets to the Team of Life center between now and March 20.

This year we want to give Easter Baskets to 4,000 children. You can also help by making a donation!
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Big Mama - Coming together for our Youth
Big Mama - Team Of Life Homepage "Coming together for our Youth" ... The Team of Life is a Florida Non-profit charitable organization with a 501(C)(3) ...

She say: thank you Jesus...

God bless here and all other people who help like this!
Did you know about other people who are good like this.. tell us.

We just get more.. companys who helps: - DFW Area Nonprofit Information All in ...
Meet other local people who work, volunteer, or are otherwise involved in the nonprofit world.

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