Are christian people bored?

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Are christian people bored? Empty Are christian people bored?

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 22, 2008 12:18 pm

People who haver recieved Jesus and trust in God..

Shall they only work,washing cloths,eat,sleep,take care of the family and go to church.. ?
or can they
Go for Dancing..
Drive gocart
Drive fast car- tuning car,drive motor bike..roadracing,motocross... ?
Go out for fun..drink( not drunk!)
Visite people,also people who are not christian?
Be in same party like people who are from other relgion?

How bored,or is it bored to be christian? Never more enjoy the life.. are Jesus enought?

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Are christian people bored? Empty Re: Are christian people bored?

Post by Angelgirl on Sun Mar 23, 2008 10:38 am

There are many, many things one can do to have fun yet be pleasing to Jesus. Those that believe that they can have a few drinks, but not get drunk, should pray before doing so. Going into places where many are in sin, if you aren`t a strong Christian, can be dangerous. God doesn`t want you to fall back into sin and being around all those that are sinners can influence you to do the same. The Word says to abstain from all appearances of evil. We fight against spirits of darkness. Not flesh and blood but principalities in high places. Whatever you choose to do for fun, it should glorify the Father and should never take away from putting Jesus first. God Bless you all and Happy Easter.....HE IS RISEN!

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