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Post by sigve on Sun Dec 30, 2007 7:28 am

We want to say thank you for a real good year toghet in Jyderup.

Its have been a real good and peacefull year.

And i hope we can use this forum,and talk more toghet on internett.Cause many people who want to come,can have different problem and if this forum be a part of this Center.We can comunicate on internett in a easy way.

Betty told today about how the "Father" help again and again the kid to stand up again.We can all do mistake nd we doit.. but we need to try again.

Suddenly a man,just come up and ask for little attesion.He was agree,and explane the "same" if people are afraid to do mistake,they will not tell about Jesus.

I hope this forum, can help people to write,and send message to each other, and we can update and repeat about meeting,or other things. its ok to talk about,but to much to tell on the phone:)

The best is to come to the church and have a real live preaching.

We wish a Happy Peacefull new year to all friend around in the world.

Best regard Betty and Sigve


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Happy New Year!

Post by Motivated By Grace on Tue Jan 01, 2008 3:48 am

Hey Sigve! Just wanted to pop in and tell everyone I do hope we all experience the love and Joy of Jesus this coming year! It's always good to meet my fellow Comrades!

God bless you all and Happy New Year!

YB, Matt
Motivated By Grace
Motivated By Grace

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Thanks for you message

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 01, 2008 9:26 am

Happy newyear!

I visite you website /forum and .. Smile it give me a lot of new IDEA!
It was a real good website and I will visite it many times and tell more people about it.( give you all stars!)

I feel its a real good way to promote Jesus and the Bible message,and people need freedom to discuss it.It stand in the Bible we are all equal.Thats mean every body need to build up theyr own trust aobut the christianity and the word of Jesus.And all have different testimonials..

And you know.. some one have so "big" and strong testimonials,they are "shamed" and shy to tell other people aobut it.. cause some times its unbelivable,and they feel they can not tell other people about it.

When we have forum,and can collect different testimonials,discussion about it,more people can .. get inspiration to be more open.

If you one day come to Denmark,you are welcome to connecting "us". The coffe is free...

In Denmark/Norway/ Sweden we say : GODT NYTT R ( AAR) HAPPY NEW YEAR

Thank again cause you visite us and welcome back.

Sincerley greating from


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