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Outside Sources

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 10, 2008 3:05 am

( this is a question from others)

If i am wrong i would like for you to tell me.the majority of people in here belong to what would non as protestant christians. therefore the majority of you would say all sorts of things about the catholic church. you will say all sort of things about The Blessed Ever Virgin Mary, About the saints, idols and almost everything catholic.

In all these attacks the sources are never catholic. Not one of your attacks can be found in documents of the catholic church. take for example there no catholic document that says catholics are idol worshippers,there are no document to prove that catholics are praising or worshipping Mary. all the attacks are baesd on outside sources. I'm a convert to the catholic church and what lead to my conversionwas that i wanted to see for myself what catholics have to say, i wanted inside proof to use it to so catholics in my nieghbourhood, that they were wrong.

but it turn out i was wrong. i've learnt that not because i don't understand something that it is wrong. and that i must trust hearsays especially from a breakaway friend. every christian denomination on the earth are breakaway catholics. and their information about the catholic church are tampered with. People please for the love of God Please refrain from attacking the catholic church because you do not know what you are doing. If possible you should read Suprise by the truth by patrick madrid.

May God bless you Forever, Amen

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