So can u tell me why it's written

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So can u tell me why it's written Empty So can u tell me why it's written

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 10, 2008 4:44 am

Tibor , i ask Jesus first & pray to Him then i end my prayers telling Jesus' to fulfil my request for His Mother's Sake & other intercessors who really really really stood by me all through my life.

"IF he loves us all the same as his children? " - so can u tell me why it's written in the Bible that the prayer of the righteous has a better effect ?? & is more acceptable ???

Can u also tell me why u may ask ur friends to pray 4 u when u really can pray 4 urself ? i consider saints my friends & ask them to pray for me just as i may ask any of my friends to pray for me.I look at their love for Christ & try to imitate them.

my definition of saint is far different from u.Saints for me r not NORMAL PPL.They r ppl who do exactly what Jesus says , they pray all the time , they read the Bible most of the time , they do everything Christ says.In return Jesus offers them the gift of performing miracles like healing , casting out demons & so on.Don't try to convince me that a very sinful person like me who break the word of God every second & who don't do what Jesus said is expected to be a saint.Don't try to convince me that the martyrs who have been tortured to death for Christ's sake can be equal to me !! God forbid , i dare not say this or say that i'm equal to any of these great ppl.The best thing i can do is to read their biography with great admiration or to watch movies about them hoping to learn something.

Jesus said that He is the God of the Living , the God of Abraham & Issac.Also in the story of the rich man & the poor man Lazura , Jesus said that Lazura stayed with Abraham while the rich man looked at them & just wished that Lazura can go to advice the rich man's family so that they get saved.So Abraham ,Saints & Martyrs as well as prophets & apostles are all in heaven waiting 4 judgement.Every1 who dies in the Faith of Christ is staying in heaven waiting for judgement.

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