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We have just recieve a mail from some friend,who have invite a lot of people.We hope you dont look at it like spam,if you are one of them.This forum are for all people who normally know something about Jesus.

We invite you,and if you can registrate you and stay in tuch with us,it will be our pleasure.

We are not better than you,we dont know more about Jesus than other people,we just open this forum for you and your friend,and hope people will tell.

Testimonials are interesting,cause it give essens for people.People think more over.. hmm.. maybe that is a "message" from Jesus.( like you now read this)

Last sunday a lady From Sri Lanka,who live in Denmark.Told about .. how cold it is in the Denish church.And i share here opinion.She told from the last time she visite Sri lanka.Just come home now,after 3 mnd in Sri Lanka.But one big different thing.Every sunday,people get a oportunities in the church,to tell about what have jesus done for them last week.And people .. stop up and think and understand more.Maybe ..yeah,also me.. is this how Jesus work..did he really do this for that person.How about me,is this Jesus how answer like that..

This lady told something else.She was "poor" and have problem with the ticket home.One day in the church,a person told here to come to a cafe for a meeting.She have not told and she dont know this man,but he come there and give here some money.. "this money is for you.

"In Sri lanka ?? how can people run around and just give strange people a lot of money.. she,crying when she told this.. cause she is sure.She is a messenger for God,and people mean this is how he work..

How about you? I am sure some times you have a experience,and .. you wonder,how can that happend..maybe you have pry for something.And wonder.. not exacley what you pry for have happend,but you understand.. its a "answer" .. maybe you keep quiet about it.Maybe the car you pry for never come.. but ..Yea,you understand somthing was mor important..

We have alredy members in this forum who are real clever,and know a lot and can come and answer you if you have some special question.

People who have Bible study,preaching in the church,singing,people who have other big forum.. so let us look at this forum like a new forum and build it up like you wish,it shall be.



"If we are more people,its also more interesting and more people who have anser"

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