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Post by chriss_N1964 on Tue Feb 05, 2008 5:02 pm

God the Supreme

God has a living Breath,
And the name of that Breath is man.
Man has a living Goal,
And the name of that Goal is God.

Man and God are one another’s supreme necessity. Man needs God for his highest transcendental realisation and God needs man for His absolute earthly manifestation. Man needs God to realise his highest truth, his highest existence. God needs man to manifest Him here on earth totally, divinely and supremely.
We feel that we need God more than God needs us, but this is wrong. God needs us equally, if not more. Why? He knows our potentialities and possibilities infinitely better than we do. We think of ourselves as useless, hopeless, helpless, but in God’s Eye we are really His divine instruments. He wants to use us in infinite ways. This is His Dream that He wants to transform into Reality. God wants us to be not only infinite but also eternal and immortal. He knows we have that capacity because He has given us the capacity. Now He wants us to utilise our capacity.
You talk about God, but we do not have any concept at all of who God is. Who is God?
God is all Love. God is all Light. God is all Beauty. God is everything: Truth, Peace, Light, Bliss in infinite measure. He is with form; He is without form. If you experience God as Peace, then you will say God is Peace. If you experience God as Light, then you will say God is Light. If you experience God as Love, then you will say God is Love.
Since we are human beings, according to our limited understanding we say God is this or God is that. But God is really everything. If we want to experience Him as an infinite expanse without any form, we can do so. Again, if we want to experience Him intimately as a most illumined being right in front of us, then He becomes that.
When you touch the God-Tree, you may get the experience of Peace, while somebody else will get the experience of Bliss. So you will say that God is all Peace and he will say that God is all Bliss. But it is the same God, the same Goal. In the process of reaching the Goal we may see it in different ways, but once we really reach it, we can see that it is everything. Then, if we have to describe it, give a definition, we will describe the God-Tree in whichever aspect we like best. We can experience everything, but in our expression, our revelation, we will reveal the aspect we like best.

If God is what you want,
Then He can never come second.
He will always come first.
He will come
As your Confidant.
He will come
As your Advisor supreme.
He will come
As your only Friend.

Is there only one God?
There is one absolute God. But each human being is a portion of God. The Supreme God is like the ocean. Each drop has a little of the consciousness of the ocean; therefore, we can say each drop is a tiny god, a portion of God. If you are a portion of the Infinite, you can say that you also embody the essence of the Infinite.
According to our Indian philosophy, there are as many gods as there are human beings. What do we mean by that? Each human being has God inside him. Most of the time the God inside us is fast asleep. But when we pray and meditate, our God comes forward. The soul, which is God’s representative within us, has a complete and inseparable connection with the Absolute God.

God is the divine Gardener.
Inside each flower-soul
He sees
His own new and unique Beauty.

God is your own highest, most illumined, most perfect part. You have two parts: one is higher, one is lower. Most of the time you stay in the lower part. When you become fully aware of your higher part and your lower part is totally transformed and unified with the Highest, at that time you are none other than God. Although it is not yet recognised or revealed, your own highest, most developed, most perfect and illumined part is God. But what you are now is not perfect; it is far from perfection.

Man’s eternal question is:
Who is God?
God’s immediate answer is:
“My child, who else is God,
If not you?”

Some people claim not to believe in God, but they are still good people and they seem happy. How can you explain this?
No matter which way we appreciate the reality or want to identify ourselves with the reality, we have to feel that we are appreciating and identifying ourselves with Divinity; and this Divinity we call either God or Spirit or Being. If you do not want to call it God, you are at perfect liberty not to do so. But you have to call it happiness. Happiness itself is God. You can appreciate the beauty of nature and if you are happy, then the happiness that you are experiencing is God. In one word, if God has to be defined, then I wish to say God is happiness.

The real reality
Is a simple simplicity
And not a complexity.
Complexity has never been related to reality.

Can God be equivalent to energy?
God is not only equivalent to energy, God Himself is energy. But we have to know what aspect of God appeals to us. If God in the form of energy appeals to us, then God will come to us in the form of infinite energy. But if God in the form of a human being appeals to our mind and heart, He will come and stand right in front of us as a human being in a most luminous form.
When you speak of ‘the Supreme’, are you referring to God?
Instead of using the word ‘God’, most of the time I use the word ‘Supreme’. I ask my students to do the same, for I feel it gives us a more intimate connection with Him. Although God and the Supreme are one, there is a subtle distinction between the two. When we speak of God-realisation, ‘God’ is synonymous with the Supreme. But usually when we say ‘God’, we feel that He embodies a height which is static, like a mountain that is high, but flat. When we use the term ‘God’, we feel that He has reached His Height and stopped. He does not have a constantly evolving consciousness; He is something finished, a finished product.
But when we say ‘Supreme’, we know that we are speaking of the Supreme Lord who not only reaches the absolute Highest, but all the time goes beyond, beyond and transcends the Beyond. There is a constant upward movement.He is eternal and immortal.

He is within this world and beyond it.
He is the Creator,
Both universal and transcendental.

Is it possible to have a philosophical proof of God, or do you have to depend on faith?
You have to depend on your sincerity. If you see something, you can acknowledge it for what it is, or you can call it a mental hallucination. When a spiritual Master is meditating in his highest consciousness, he is offering peace, light and bliss in abundant measure. If you are watching him, immediately you will see the reflection of God-consciousness in him. His consciousness will be changed to such an extent that you are bound to see that he is somewhere else. His face will radiate and you will see something inside him.
Philosophy is in the mind; spirituality is in the heart. If you want to define God with your mind, you will never be able to do it. You have to see God with your heart. The best proof of God is your own consciousness. If you come to a spiritual Master and meditate for a few minutes, you will see the difference in your consciousness. Then let your sincerity be the judge.

God does not have to convince you
Of His Existence.
You just convince yourself
That you came into the world
To do something great
And be something good.

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