God bless you? or just good bye?

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God bless you? or just good bye? Empty God bless you? or just good bye?

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 10, 2008 1:28 am

What you think when people say God bless you?

When a preast say this to me first time,I dont care.It was like "good bye",from a cristian.
Normally we just say Good bye ..bye bye or adios farvel

hmm.. yeah..?

Is he more,better,bigger,clever,.... than me?

But "GOD BLESS YOU" is not farvel..bye "bye bye" "is nothing" between me and this preast.He dont say god bye?


God bless you is like good luck.. but God is not "luck" But of course can you say we are lucky when we have accept Jesus/ God.But there will also the "luck" "end" cause now will God take over and help you,you dont need to wish "good luck" you believe in God and he will always do the best for you.

And people who know God,know that he will give you wisdom and power enougth to take you desicion, out of power from God.

Ask and he will answer you...( but listen,watching and you understand the anwer)

People who know this,know that when they say "good bye" to you they dont know the answer.. will we ever see this person again.Bye for ever? or.. need to say,and you are welcome back.. if you want.And will you come..

But people who understand God bless you,know if God will ,he send this person back to you, if it nessesery,and one day you will meet him again in the heaven.

The most important,God bless you mean also much more,people who say it and mean it,wish the best for you.

What is better than "God take care of you?"But its only you ,who can accept it,and accept Jesus.

How about you?

Can you say : God bless you? yes,its not difficult to say,but why say God bless to other if you dont are blessed? Yea,its ok..If you choice some other can get somthing who are better than you have..you can also say it.And you can also mean it.

How many people will give away the house,the car,the family,the love,thing they have work hard for, to other people just give it.. and say .. dont worry I dont need it? So i hope you enjoy it and use it like you want...its just a gift from me.

Will you do that? its your choice.. its the same when you say: bye or God bless,its you choice.Just know the value:) You give away some special when you say God Bless.And if you will give your friend something you dont have,its just your choice.

Did you feel confortable to say:Bye,see you,bye bye,adios... or God bless you or both?

I say to you:

God Bless you and think over it,you can always bless your friend,family..


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