Preacher - your experience with preachers,or are you?

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Preacher - your experience with preachers,or are you? Empty Preacher - your experience with preachers,or are you?

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:45 am

In many churches in the United States, the title "Preacher" is synonymous with "Pastor" or "Minister", and the churches minister is often referred to simply as "our/the preacher" or by name sucha s "Preacher Smith". Sometimes the minister may even be addressed by using the word, such as "Good morning, Preacher".

Preacher is a term the for someone who preaches sermons or gives homilies.

Some believe a preacher is distinct from a theologian by focusing on the communication of the doctrine rather than the development of the doctrine. Others see preaching and theology as being intertwined. Preaching is not limited to religious views, but it extends to moral and social world-views as well. Preachers are common throughout most cultures. They can take the form of a Christian minister on a Sunday morning, or an Islamic Imam or Da'ee on a Friday afternoon. The point of preaching is to inform or convince the hearer of a certain world-view or belief. For this reason, many nonreligious persons shun preachers and accuse them of forcing beliefs on people. Preaching also serves as reminders and encouragements to people who already subscribe to the preacher's beliefs. For many, the term preacher is derogatory, while some consider it an honor.

If you have a experience,like you have feel you guilty when a preacher have talk,or you have get help,gain from preaching.Maybe you are a preacher and will give adwise to people who will preach.

Many preaching have told me that when they prepare the "preach",God help them.( distinct from a theologian) Really help,and give them also the topic.Maybe just now,God tell me to write this? - want you to write something,and people around us will learn more.Not cause I am more clever,( I am not) but people put together and suddelley ahaa! a conclusion.

Thanks and have a nice day.

God bless you


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