Please pray for this Lady Will you doit?

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Please pray for this Lady Will you doit?

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 06, 2008 6:02 am

Will do

Dhanaraj wrote:

Lsat 5days in 2008....
#1. Praise and worship
#2. Devotion Isaiah Ch.35.
#3. Carried a poor & orphan girl who work as a missionary from a remote & rural mission field to Hospital which is in 50Km. distance for child birth.
#4. Got one boy baby live out twins.
#5. The second girl baby born after two and half hours by sisserian and foreseps.
#6. The girl baby went to Abraham's bosom.(reason is poor hospitalizing baby was taken out her head wounded and bleeding. That baby suffered for 4days and gave out her last breath)
#7. Please pray for this Lady Missionary and her family also Her mission field. This family is now left in tthe same remote mission field.
#8. This family wants to be a challenge for Christ by witnessing Jesus in the same village.

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