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hello from Turkey Empty hello from Turkey

Post by chriss_N1964 on Mon Jan 07, 2008 11:34 am

hello all,i m newest member from Turkey. My friend Sigve offered to this site.i m wanting to learn to Christianity. i began to read to The Bible. but i need to support from you Christian borthers/sisters.
i m sorry,i have not very good english.i cant write to all my ideas and feels.but i must tell that i was born in muslum people.my family are muslum too... i was younger (18 years old) i married with one man. my married years were very hard.i wanted to divorced many times. but whether muslum people criters or whether some other people attack hindered to it.i was accepted to everything. because they teached to me.the good belifed muslum woman never rebels and if she accepted to everything.. she will go to paradise... Therefore i was acceped to many without humanity things...my life looks to hell. my husband was beating everyday. bad words, economic,psicologic annoyances.i was lose to my self confidence.
i wasnt wanted to be good muslum woman and go to paradise to other world. because in this world my life was going to hell.
but i was feeling to empty in my inside and my heart.everyday every hours i was beging to The GOD. i was wanting only a bit love from my husband.
oxxxx these days were very very difficult.In these years i arranged to my work. i supplied to good posison to my work. after i divorced 5 years ago.( i must tell that Laws of Turkey is very good modern and laic laws last 10 years)
after my divorced.i was thinking long times. why i acceped to this bad life. i was stupit or i was lost my mind?...
of course we can tell many reasons for it.but one reason of all reasons. Muslum criters are very hard for women.
my dear friends believe me,i have very strong belief for The GOD. but i didnt believed at all to muslum belief.
i have not any problem with Qouran or islam. and ofcourse Quran is words of The God.Qouran say: humans are euqal. ( women&men) all right. but why Life of women isnt not good in life. i had many uestion in my mind like this.i was searcing to many books,many article etc. finally i began to read The Bible.
and i loved it very much. now i m still reading. when i feel to ready to myself i will change to my religion...
my dear friends, i wanted to you know me.i told very sincere to my life.
i wish and i hope,i will find to here very good friends.
loves from my heart

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hello from Turkey Empty WELCOME PS. YOU ARE NOT ALONE..

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:18 pm

Welcome my friend.

You are not alone with this question,maybe we can help in your own language Smile

We understand many people want to convert,and there are many reason.We have deep respect for all people who take this step,from a relgion to another.This is a choice every single people need to take,it is the most important fundation in people life.

Something they have believe, the hole life,but of some "reason" want to take a step to a new "world"

We can only tell you about the life like a Christian.
We are not better than other people.But I have been raised up in a "Christian" country.The fundation are based on the Bible,and we respect other relgions.

This is the most importent for me.Respect other peple,if people want peace give them peace,make peace.

And of course we want to support and help so long as possible.

If people want to talk about the reason its ok,but the most importent you get peace with your own desicion.You have freedom, to read the Bible,and go to the church when you want.

You are always welcome to all church i know about,nobody will ask "why you come" Just tell you about why Jesus come to this world.And how we shall forgive each other..All of us do mistake some time,and we know we can get forgivness,when we pry.

Now i wish you the best and hope we can give you want you aspect from us.

Dont worry about your Enlish, you see I am not the best to write:)

Good luck and God bless you.



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hello from Turkey Empty Dear sister

Post by Betty on Sat Feb 09, 2008 3:50 am

Dear sister

Continue reading Bible ,the Holy spirit will guide you in the truth.And the truth will set you free from confusion.

God bless you and have a nice weekend

The sister in the lord


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