Welcome to the world of truth and revelations.

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Welcome to the world of truth and revelations.

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:58 am

You might have received the internet newspaper or someone told you about it or you may have read a magazine about it, or came across it in your search on the internet and found something you were interested in. But have you ever thought about what has created this particular interest?

You will have heard the following:

Watch your thoughts , they become words.

Watch your words , they become actions.

Watch your actions , they become habits.

Watch your habits , they become character.

Watch your character , for it become your destiny.

As you know thoughts come up and thinking is based on your field of experience both conscious and subconscious through your sense organs, a song might trigger memories to surface of a past relationship, a smell might trigger a memory of a friend you had dinner with years before, you might not even realize that this smell triggered thinking about him or her, you might also not realize that these thoughts and the field of experience is limited and conditional. All you receive consciously and unconsciously makes connections conditioned by previous judgments. While writing this, someone who is in a troublesome relationship, called and asked for advice.” He is forcing me to do things I do not like”, she said, “maybe I should agree then he will get off my back, but I don’t really like it “. Each time she find a little strength when he pushes it to far to get out, but each time she returns and gives in. He might not, on a conscious level, realize this but on a subconscious level he does know he can go further and further because… she comes back any way. What can I do? Stop giving him the power to do so.! But I fear loneliness,

“Yes its better the devil you know then the one you don’t”

I am to weak… True, by saying you are, you create the ability to be weak . He said, I am not allowed to talk to other men because they are all after the same thing, yet he demands to have the freedom to do those very things with others. We have a saying “ as the host is, so does he trust his guests . His desire is the one that does the thinking, speaks the words, are his actions and his habits and his destiny and hers are clear unless you come to realize that you don’t really control your thoughts but ego does. True, you might be in control when the emotions are not to strong, but does this not also work for what is seemingly good? You build up your believe systems but that is not the same as truth! If you have experienced for instance something like the person that just called and lets say that it caused jealousy to grow, then in the future jealousy will continue to look through your eyes seeking conformation of its own being. Own being? Yes, because you identify with it by saying/thinking I am angry, I am sad, I am this or that. One thing might be stronger then the other but just as you recognize a glass or something you like, so does each emotion seek with its own build ideas. Never experienced that when you feel anger, you see in many things reason to be ? so how do you recognize truth, both in your self and in the things life or these articles offer you?

We are not asking you to believe it. In fact we are asking you to check it out, on and in yourself and in the world around you, BUT… first read it without judgment, read it as if it is the truth, read it with a thankfulness in your heart, open up like an unconditional child who takes the words of his schoolteacher as the truth and study them as if you will get exams. Then when you have read them in this way, you can put it to the test.

But start at the beginning.

Then talk about it with others on the forum, ask about their experiences and discoveries they made through it.

Do not forget you have been trained throughout life to see differences , to individualize , even conditioned your thinking. Be open, it will all become logic. In the many things you will discover they are all connected, are all in their true nature one but many expressions of that one.

not just as a thought or feeling, but you will start to see and hear , hearing is picking up frequencies but so does seeing , these images are translated to frequencies the same for smell ,taste and touch, your heart is like the brain for feeling it tries to make sense of it all and connects with the brain(s), interact, so feeling becomes knowledgeable” but not wise” because wisdom is complete it leaves nothing out and takes all into account, in no other way could love be perfect and all fulfilling .

Take two people and place them back to back and let them describe what they see. In most cases, at least for some part they will say different things, they see a different part of the world, what you are aware of depends, literally and figuratively of your point OF view, that point, the place of your inner development, your reality, any other level can not be seen. From an early age the conditioning starts, you have not yet developed a strong own identity , personality, your parents, other older people, teachers etc. tell you their vision, build by religions, political parties, teachers and their experiences, to see it the way they see things, with this and through this you judge and order your personal experiences, rejecting some, adding to other, at the same time you are being robbed of the ability to see.

By now it will be clear that there are more ways to see.

You might also realize that you have become a slave, by putting weight on judgment you judge yourself. Even the very words you read have been conditioned by the level of experiences you had in relation to, be it by what is been taught ,seen, heard, smelled, felt and thought. And here we start with: watch your thoughts, they become your words etc. A final thing, many read something and add it or reject it in accordance with their personalized believe system, be it right or wrong, a little or more. Someone might have told you something he or she experienced seen from his or her perspective , but not until you have experienced it as true or not can you really learn from it.

Realize also that each speaks and radiates the frequency

of its attachments and judgments. You might be very learned in lets say spiritual teachings but your voice only resonates in accordance of the inner level you have reached. You might feel offended if the other does not accept your personal truth, or somewhat rejected, because there can only be one truth. If the other is right then I am not, and that can not be true.

So open up, let go of all judgment while you read, treat it as your lover full with compassion. Your personal judgments will try to place it in their believe or disbelieve, file cabinets before it can reach the truth in you.

Alike seeks alike remember? Let Caesar take what is his,

The higher you reach the deeper the truth shines through.

Don’t let anything get in its way, so truth may come home in you. One more thing to remember, if you can not follow some things like numbers for instance then just take them in as pictures not as numbers at all so later, you recognize them and the pattern they reveal. The reason why you can not follow them yet is because you judge them according the way you have learned to see them or to avoid them. LET GO. Approach it in the right way and it will reveal and cause miracles in you.

That is my promise to you.

But is this how God standing behind us,and we can do a lot of thing with out thinking?

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